Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dental Crowns and Bridges

A dental crown is a restoration that is placed on teeth that have lost a lot of their structure.

We know what a crown is in fairy tales, but what exactly is a dental crown? The easiest way to explain it is as follows:

The tooth is divided into two parts (the root and the crown). If you have healthy gums and bones, the root of the tooth is covered by gums and bone. The part of the tooth that you can actually “see” is the clinical crown. A cemented restoration that covers the outside of the clinical crown is a cap or a dental crown.

There are various types of crowns, ranging from full porcelain to full metal. Porcelain veneers are partial crowns that cover only the front and biting edge of your teeth. These are ceramic and are placed typically on the front teeth. When placed on crooked teeth, treatment with veneers is often called “instant orthodontics.”

Which One is Better for You

Your dentist will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each kind for you.

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The process of making a crown includes a number of steps, beginning with preparing and taking impressions of the tooth/teeth involved.

A temporary crown or bridge is then placed on your teeth. Meanwhile, the impressions are sent to the lab where a mold of the teeth is poured and the work begins. The completed work is sent back to the office; after inspection and any necessary adjustments, it is cemented onto your teeth.